Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Sketch from January 2012

Cover shot from December 2013

Last January the editor of Southbay Magazine asked me to take create an image of kids sledding down the sand dunes for the 2013 holiday issue cover. The sand dunes are built up around the beginning of December to protect the beach and low lying buildings from a potential storm surge and high surf that can happen in the winter down here. They are only up for a few months and start around the beginning of December. In order to guarantee proper timing and a great shot he asked me to shoot this 9 months in advance. We don't have snow, but we do have sand. 

You can see the sketch I did with my husband, Jeff Berting, in planning for the shot and layout (his illustration background comes in handy). The only change I made was I ended up swapping the composition to account for the AM sun being a side light/backlight vs. a front light. This helps show the kicked up sand and gives it that warm SoCal quality I love to show in my work. 

All were compensated appropriately with donuts.

Friday, October 25, 2013


How cute is this animal themed nursery I took pictures in the other day? The neutral color palette was perfect and kept the place feeling open and bright and I love the collected look. The parents found cute accent pieces all over from, Etsy to flea markets, which keeps the look eclectic and authentic. The baby is a total cutie patootie too. Typical assistant...always wanting to get in the shot.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


In a recent article I shot for Southbay Magazine I had the fun opportunity of going into other people's home offices and seeing their workspaces. I loved this since I too work from home and love peeking into other people's lives to see just how they design their space as well. Both spaces were totally in contrast to each other: One was very light, bright, airy and organized. A truly feminine beach home. The other was dark, industrial and sophisticated. The best dressed man cave I have ever seen. It is not clear in these photos, but there even was a large flat screen TV in the man cave, I just decided not to include it in the picture. If you are just as curious as I am how at work from home mom keeps her place so tidy you can check out her post on Paper{Whites} her inspiring blog that I just don't know how she has time to keep adding to. 
Maybe in a future blog I will take this same approach and photograph my own workspace to share with you here. When I find time.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Earlier this year I found myself at Jill Soderlund's beautifully collected home shooting portraits for a project. I knew Southbay Home III was going to start shooting soon, so I pitched her Manhattan Beach home as a feature idea to the editor, Darren Elms. He knew of Jill and her amazing interior work, which she does sparingly while balancing her three kid's busy schedules. We asked her if she would be interested and she was thrilled. So one sunny afternoon I had the chance to spend 4 fun hours photographing and soaking in all her colors, textures and ideas. Everywhere I turned there was another vignette to capture. If it wasn't her kids goofing around it was her perfectly placed collection of Indian Pink pillows and ceramic buck. There was so much to shoot and so little time. Good thing I work fast and her kids were laughing the whole time. Above is the the article plus some extra outtakes I loved that weren't featured in the article.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


After the success of my first shoot with Sophie Rose...see below... I was hired to shoot some new promotional photos of her. This time I photographed her in the studio were she is working with producer Mikal Blue. www.sophierose.net  She has already changed so much in 6 months. She is taller and looking more and more like a young adult than a little girl. With her great attitude and tons of 15 year old energy she is up for anything; even flipping her head around over and over again to get some movement in that long thick hair of hers. Next time I will need two wind machines.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I spent a sunny spring afternoon with Sophie Rose Abrams as part of a Top Teens of the San Fernando Valley editorial piece I was working on. This young lady is quite a talent writing her own music, singing on her own cd's and playing the guitar all at 15. You can check her out at sophierose.net. I had a ton of fun dancing around and singing with her in her bedroom reliving my own teenage daydreams of being a rockstar. This girl though actually has what it takes.

Friday, July 26, 2013


A couple of months ago, while working on a home feature for Southbay Home magazine, the kids of the home were getting restless. I had been asking them to do the obligatory sit still in your home shots and now they were just over me being there and wanted to go back to playing Minecraft. While I knew I had already taken good shots of the house and the family living in their space, I just hadn't gotten that one shot that really felt like me and had the energy and moment I am attracted too.

Right as I had gotten to the home for the shoot, the kids were in the backyard playing make believe volleyball with all these great oversized dime store balls (I am dating myself with that term) ok drugstore balls. You know the saturated color lightweight cheap kind in target that sit in the floor to ceiling wire basket with one whole to tug the balls out of? To curtail their restlessness I asked them to come outside with me so I could take some exterior shots while they were playing with these balls.

The boy was still restless and not so interested so I decided he might actually enjoy throwing the balls at me as hard as he could. The only caveat is that he had to try to throw three balls at me at the same time, knowing very well that his strength would diminish with each ball he had to control. He was thrilled with the idea of inflicting some sort of punishment on me equal to the punishment I had put him through during the rest of the shoot. And Voila..first attempt at hitting me I got my shot! and got out of there unscathed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sometimes a project is just meant to be and all things click. That is what happened on the day I was scheduled to shoot the Thomas family for Southbay Home II magazine. I walked in to their beautiful home and it was as if I was perfectly placed. They were relaxed and welcoming, their son was adorable and the home and furnishings looked hand picked, lived in but styled which all added to the success of these easy and authentic family images. To me this was my kind of lifestyle photography. Plus I got the cover which was an added bonus. Attached below are a couple of my favorite shots from this shoot that unfortunately did not make it into the magazine but I would not call outtakes.

Monday, June 10, 2013


In the spring, for a very brief period of time in Southern California, we get a bloom of wild mustard flowers. It was great to be able to do this shoot right in that 3 week window in April and take advantage of the flower fields and a little bit of lushness.


What happens when you ask The Ace Of Cakes to throw corn starch at you?.....You end up looking like a reversed Dalmatian. I couldn't think of a better way to get Duff involved in the shoot than by asking him to intentionally flick corn starch at me. His inner child came right out and he was all for it. Good thing I only had one other appointment after this shoot.
Photo shot for Meetings and Events Magazine 2013.


Plum Organics....They'rrrrrr Sweet!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This past december I started an ongoing project. Wooed by the idea of the classic black and white portrait (and trying to stop the clock from kids growing up so fast) I set out to create timeless images of kids being kids. Here are a few of my favorites from my first session. For more examples from this project visit my Facebook page.